Much ado

The goats resist but surrender in a few bleats.
A buffalo breathes his end in deep phlegmatic bellows. This lasts a while.
The camel’s scarlet blood squirts for long, in long forceful gushes- revelries drowning his desperate notes.

Durga idols crafted over diligent weeks get their necks broken by cranes.
A face-down topple of the Mother in black filth uplifts everyone.
The devotees complain of itching from the accidental (dreaded) splash of Her final abode.

How difficult is it to understand the truth behind rituals?
Or must we ever rely on ourselves to destroy all noble conceptions?


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4 thoughts on “Much ado

  1. I always wait for the proper time and place to check out new posts on this blog. I don’t hurry and browse through everything as soon as you post them. Not because I don’t have the time. But because I enjoy looking at them when my mind is totally free of any distractions, giving each photograph and each poem all the time in the world. Theres so much happening in each of your photographs, that I think thats the only way one can appreciate your work.

    And these new photographs are some of your best, I think.
    I love them all.

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